These settlements and verdicts are not an indication or guarantee for future results. Every individual's case is unique. The settlement or verdict value depends on the facts of how the injury took place, what the injury was, the jurisdiction in which the injury took place, the availability and effectiveness of witnesses including expert medical witnesses, and the accuracy and completeness of the witness testimony. As with all things in life, the opinions of friends and family members as to what a case is worth is unlikely to be accurate or helpful when compared with the evaluation of an attorney experienced in handling such matters.
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  • From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for working diligently on my case. You made me feel important and that my "little" problem mattered. I couldn't have asked for better people and I'm blessed that we have crossed paths. I hope you both have a wonderful rest of the year. If there are any more problems I would be sure to let you know. Lol. Thank you again.
  • Attorney, Robert Clark in Laurel, Maryland got me an excellent settlement promptly and was a pleasure to deal with.

    Bob had the insurance company settle my case and awarded me over 4.5 times what the insurance (GEICO) company offered me. He acted rapidly and we settled out of court. Enjoyed every minute I spent with him and he gave me his full attention. He is GREAT and I highly recommend him

    James Dumas
  • When deadly medical malpractice struck a family at a Prince George's County hospital they contacted attorney, Robert V. Clark. they feel it was the smartest move they ever made.

    When my wife died unexpectedly after childbirth at a Prince George's County hospital, I knew I needed help. I spoke to several attorneys at a prominent law firm in Washington, D.C. but they thought there was no case. Then I heard about Robert V. Clark and everything changed. Mr. Clark met with me, obtained the medical records, engaged experts, filed a lawsuit and forced the doctors to put up their insurance policies. Throughout the process Mr. Clark was receptive, respectful, and highly responsive. He patiently helped me understand how the process works and  I would recommend him to anyone.

    Hulluf G.
  • Clark and Steinhorn, LLC ethical, effective down to earth Maryland, personal injury lawyers.

    Clark and Steinhorn, LLC, changed my view of lawyers and personal injury cases. I had previously had a negative impression of the legal system from a prior car accident case and Allan Steinhorn changed everything. He was ethical, down to earth and highly effective. It helped me to view lawyers in a positive way. I also recived very fair compensation for my injuries.

    Sandy G.
  • A pedestrian injured in car crash received a prompt and fair settlement offer from the insurance company. She praised the lawyers from Clark and Steinhorn for their efforts and handling of her claim. We are pleased to hear from another happy client!

    Following the prompt settlement of an injury case suffered by one of our clients, who was struck by a car as she rode her bicycle on the roadway, our client sent us an email thanking us for our representation.  We were gratified by her kind words.  We asked if we could put her comments on our website.  The client responded with a resounding "Yes" and told us to post a quote from her email.  This is the actual quote from our client, of her experience with Clark and Steinhorn and Attorney Allan W. Steinhorn: "If you are looking for a good attorney look no further because trust me, you won't have any regret.  He will let you get your expectations, are close to the best, no need to worry, He will make you happy." T.S Let us prove to you that T.S. is right.  Call us at 301-317-1001 for your free consultation.  Our two person law firm  has over 61 years combined experience, the compassion needed to help you and your family, and the know how to obtain a fair resolution of your personal injury case.  Call us today.