Meet the attorneys of Clark & Steinhorn, LLC.

Clark & Steinhorn, LLC with offices in Laurel, Maryland, focuses their practice on serious civil litigation matters. These include automobile and truck collision cases, wrongful death and survival actions, medical and hospital negligence and malpractice cases, premises security cases including apartment complexes, malls, hotels, and other public accommodations, construction site accident cases, workers compensation cases, and product liability matters including prescription medication error cases. We also have unique experience in pursuing class action litigation associated with technical and training schools and institutions, and cases involving injuries resulting from Amtrak, MARC and Metro Trains, as well as WMATA and other public bus service injury cases. Each of the partners is licensed to practice law in Federal and local courts of the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia and have decades of combined trial experience in the field of personal injury litigation. Read more about our personal injury lawyers below.