When You Need Help the Most Why Choose Clark and Steinhorn, LLC ?

We have no illusions that we are the only option for injured people and their families.  What makes us unique is the level of service that we are able to provide. 

In our firm there are only two personal injury lawyers, Robert Vernon Clark, Jr. with 43 years of legal experience and Allan W. Steinhorn with 39 years of legal experience.  If you hire our firm you get one of us.  Your case is never relegated to an overworked or inexperienced young lawyer.  We take a very limited number of cases in order to insure that we can devote the proper time and attention to each case.  This enables us to fully investigate and develop each case.  Our level of service is second to none.

At many well regarded personal injury law firms, a case comes into one of the prominent lawyers and before you know it, that lawyer no longer has time to speak with you.  When it is time for depositions, mediations, pre-trials and even sometimes the trial itself the case has been handed off to a far less experienced attorney.  This will never happen at Clark & Steinhorn, LLC.
Many injured people find their attorneys though television and internet advertising.  At Clark & Steinhorn, LLC we feel that such advertising is a good thing.  It provides more and more members of the public with options for legal services.  And yet some important questions must be raised.  First, when you call the number on the television are you calling a local law firm or one located far away?  Is the place you are calling an actual law firm or a clearing house for multiple lawyers to advertise their services on television?  If it is a local law firm, are you hiring the lawyer you see on TV or his young associates?  When you hire the TV or yellow pages lawyer, are you working with them throughout the case or are they going to ship your case out to another lawyer who you do not even know if they can't settle your case?  Finally, what's with the television advertisements from famous lawyers who are not alive anymore? 

There are good lawyers who can be found on television or online , but the fact is that many of the lawyers who advertise do not have experience in the cases that they seek.  Make sure that when you hire a lawyer, that you pick one who has significant experience in your kind of case and is committed to your case whether it settles or goes to trial from beginning to end. 

We are confident that when you have spoken with us you will find that we are your best choice.  We are a local law firm in Laurel, Maryland, highly experienced, responsive and ready to help you and your family. Call us today for your free consultation.  

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