Pedestrian Struck By Car Receives Full Recovery Without Filing a Lawsuit. Client Writes Lawyers To Say How Happy She Was To Have Retained the Lawyers at Clark and Steinhorn.

Following the prompt settlement of an injury case suffered by one of our clients, who was struck by a car as she rode her bicycle on the roadway, our client sent us an email thanking us for our representation.  We were gratified by her kind words.  We asked if we could put her comments on our website.  The client responded with a resounding "Yes" and told us to post a quote from her email.  This is the actual quote from our client, of her experience with Clark and Steinhorn and Attorney Allan W. Steinhorn:

"If you are looking for a good attorney look no further because trust me, you won't have any regret.  He will let you get your expectations, are close to the best, no need to worry, He will make you happy." T.S

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