These settlements and verdicts are not an indication or guarantee for future results. Every individual's case is unique. The settlement or verdict value depends on the facts of how the injury took place, what the injury was, the jurisdiction in which the injury took place, the availability and effectiveness of witnesses including expert medical witnesses, and the accuracy and completeness of the witness testimony. As with all things in life, the opinions of friends and family members as to what a case is worth is unlikely to be accurate or helpful when compared with the evaluation of an attorney experienced in handling such matters.
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  • Genuine, accessible, great legal advice. Clark and Steinhorn, LLC

    Mr. Clark is such a genuine person. he is is extremely knowledgeable and gives great legal advice. Mr. Clark made sure I was well taken care of throughout the entire process and for that I am ever so grateful. Literally, anytime that I needed anything, he was readily available and just a phone call or text away. Clark and Steinhorn, LLC will forever be my go-to for legal services. I'd rate them ten stars if I could! Thank you again, Mr. Clark! 

  • Bob Clark, Excellent Attorney, best negotiator, warm and supportive and Highly Recommended

    Bob Clark is an excellent attorney. I have used his services on several occasions. Very professional warm environment. He gives the best advice and is by far the best negotiator I have ever come across. I was in a car accident that required surgery and a long recovery and throughout my process Mr. Clark would check on me and inquire about my recovery. At the end of the day I received two very lucrative settlement checks and that was all because of Bob Clark's expertise working in my favor. I "HIGHLY" recommend Bob Clark and Clark and Steinhorn, LLC.

    Cynthia F.
  • I was in a bad crash and injured my eye but Robert Clark made sure my medical bills were all paid with a sizable amount of money left over for me at settlement.

    I was a passenger in car driven by one of my buddies that was involved in bad crash. I went to U.Md. Shock Trauma but I didn't have any health insurance. A friend had been in a bad crash before and she said her lawyer, Robert Clark was a great guy and helped her get a good settlement. My mom and I met with him and liked him and he represented me. He was very responsive. If you called him or texted him, he always responded promptly. He settled my case for more than I thought and got my medical bills paid.

    Nathan D.
  • State Farm Offered me nothing whatsoever to settle my case. Robert Clark got me a $156,000.00 Verdict!

    I was in a bad accident and it wasn't my fault. I had a concussion and needed medicine and treatment but the other driver's insurance company, State Farm, offered me nothing! They contended that I was at fault and that I wasn't really that hurt anyway. We went through the whole lawsuit process with depositions, visits to the insurance company doctor and finally a trial in the Circuit Court for Prince Georges County. Still the offer was zero dollars. Mr. Clark did a lovely job trying the case before the jury. The jury went out to come to a verdict and several hours later they hadn't reached a verdict and were sent home for the night. The next day State Farm offered $600.00 to settle my case. About that time, the jury asked for a calculator and we knew this would not be a $600.00 verdict. Fifteen minutes later they returned a verdict of $156,000.00, which we collected from the insurance company.

    Dionne F.
  • Clark and Steinhorn, LLC "It was not strictly business, it was like I was part of the family."

    When Ifeanyi A. was injured in a Maryland car crash when seven months pregnant, she knew she needed the best legal representation and went to Clark and Steinhorn, LLC in Laurel, Maryland. She received fair compensation ad a whole lot more. Commenting on her representation by Clark and Steinhorn, LLC "It was not strictly business, it was like I was part of the family there." "I had good representation who fought for me."' "I would recommend Clark and Steinhorn, LLC to anyone and everyone.

    Ifeanyi A. - Laurel, MD
  • Clark and Steinhorn, very responsive and knowledgeable lawyers who maximized our settlement of a complex truck crash case in Maryland federal court.

    I got a call from Maryland Shock Trauma telling me my husband was in an accident. A truck tire had landed on the roof of the work truck he was driving and he was pinned inside resulting in a compound fracture and temporary paralysis. Mr. Clark and Mr. Steinhorn were very responsive and knowledgeable regarding what do immediately after the accident occurred. If they had not had such a quick response, I do not believe we would have reached the settlement we did.   Clark and Steinhorn investigated this unusual case which involved a truck tire flying off the axle of a Baltimore Beltway pickup truck and when that driver's insurance coverage was insufficient, they worked with a team of engineering experts who determined that the state vehicle inspector had failed to properly reattach the wheel after their inspection.   When the insurance companies refused to pay, Bob Clark brought a federal court lawsuit and after the depositions and courtroom activities, forged an excellent settlement.   In addition, it was a workers compensation case which complicated things because we did not know where we should file because we live in PA and the accident happened in Maryland. Thankfully Mr. Clark and Mr. Steinhorn were so familiar with the justice system because we were able to get the case settled fairly quickly due to their knowledge of the courts and judicial process. They led us through the entire process and answered all our questions. We would highly recommend the services of Mr. Clark and Mr. Steinhorn. Jamie and Mike in PA Five Star Review    

    Jamie and Mike T
  • Mr. Clark was of great assistance when my son was injured in an automobile accident. He helped us work through the case and the complex interplay of insurance coverage issues culminating in a fair settlement. We were more than satisfied.

    Mr. Clark was of great assistance when my son was injured in an automobile accident. He helped us work through the case and the complex interplay of insurance coverage issues culminating in a fair settlement. We were highly satisfied.