How to make sure you pick an effective Maryland Car or Truck Crash Lawyer

In the modern digital world, the choices for finding an effective and sucessful Maryland car or truck crash lawyer are overwhelming. Any search engine will yield infinite choices, some of whom are paying huge amounts of money to be at the top and others who are possibly a better choice. The inevitable question, how do I pick a lawyer who will meet my legal needs?

There are obvious guidelines, such as, it is always better to have a lawyer who's office is close to home or work so appointments aren't inconvenient or infeasible. At Clark and Steinhorn, LLC, the bulk of our clients live or work in a swath of Prince George's, Howard,  Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties. We welcome people from all over the state, the District of Columbia, Virginia and elsewhere but convenience is important.

One other location consideration is whether the lawyer or law firm really is where they say they are. Google any town or area in Maryland for car or truck accident lawyers and many of the entries will be people who want your Bowie truck crash case, but take a look at how many are actually in Bowie or Laurel. Almost none. Many lawyers have on their legal stationary multiple offices but for the most part lawyers have one real office and every other location is a satellite office.

It's fine if you live in Laurel and don't mind going to Baltimore or Greenbelt but if you do, then establish whether your lawyer really is based where it will be convenient to see them.

Okay, you've located an attorney near your home, work or school, do they actually, consistently represent victims of car and truck crashes? Many attorneys advertise that they do a little bit of everything and some of them are quite effective, but if you need a car accident lawyer, you are more likely to receive effective representation from a lawyer who consistently does this work and has done so for a while.

You now have a conveniently located lawyer who has paid his or her dues, working on car accident matters, how do you narrow down your choice further? The following questions should help provide a practical guide:

1. When you initially call the lawyer's office about a new case, how long are you on hold for?

2. When you initially call in do you get to speak to an actual lawyer ?

3. If no lawyer is immediately available to speak to you, do the other employees take an interest in your case and attempt to elicit some of the facts to help the lawyer respond promptly and fully?

4. When you do speak to a lawyer does she or he sound knowledgeable, intererested and willing to meet with you?

5. How long does it take for you to get an appointment?

6. When you get in to the law office do you meet with a lawyer of a clerical employee or paralegal?

7. If you sign a retainer agreement what contingency fee are you agreeing to pay? 40%. 33.3%. The numbers are important.

8. Does the lawyer explain the process and the documents you are signing?

9. Does the lawyer treat you with respect and understanding?

10. Finally, once you have a lawyer and have signed the documents, do you find that your calls, texts or e-mails for information are responded to promptly and respectfully? If not, you may need a new lawyer who will do so.

The sucess of your legal representation is a function of your communication and relationship with your lawyer don't leave that to chance. At Clark and Steinhorn, LLC we pass the ten part test very time.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer