Five basic questions to help you obtain effective Maryland car and truck crash legal representation.

At Clark and Steinhorn, LLC, we represent many familes and neighbors through different generations. This largely stems from the fact that we consistently respond to our client's calls, texts and e-mails and sucessfully obtain fair compensation either in settlement or trial. Our clients have learned to expect this as the norm in such cases.

What is far more interesting to watch, is when new clients, who have previously been represented by other lawyers and law firms, start to appreciate that we do things differently. It usually starts in the first contact the prospective client has with our firm. They actually get to speak to a lawyer. This may seem like nothing if it is what you are used to, but it turns out that many lawyers simply do not have enough time or interest to speak either to prospective or existing clients.

This revelation was a bit shocking to Allan and myself. If you call us and we aren't in court or in the thick of something else, we will happily talk to you even about unrelated things. This has bred trust and accurate communication between client and lawyer. The number of times that I have heard from a client that they could never speak to their lawyer would be hard to calculate. With this in mind, I offer five indicators for whether the lawyer you are thinking about hiring will be "effective".

1. When you initially call the lawyer's office about a new case, how long are you on hold for?

2. When you initially call in do you get to speak to an actual lawyer ?

3. If no lawyer is immediately available to speak to you, do the other employees take an interest in your case and attempt to elicit some of the facts to help the lawyer respond promptly and fully?

4. When you do speak to a lawyer does she or he sound knowledgeable, intererested and willing to meet with you?

5. How long does it take for you to get an appointment?

As to #1 it may seem obvious, but if you are on hold a long time, that law firm may have too many cases to respond to your legal needs. Similarly, if you can't speak to a lawyer (#2) or meet with a lawyer  (#5) that is a very bad sign and probably answers (#3) and (4).

The sucess of your legal representation is a function of your communication and relationship with your lawyer don't leave that to chance.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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