Preeminent Criminal Defense Attorney, Kathy Stilling on Everyday Law, Sharing How Video Vindicated her African American Client at Trial.

Kathy Stilling kindly made an appearance on Everyday Law in 2019 that focused on her unique role as one of the nation's foremost female advocates for criminal justice.

Her focus then, was on the recently completed trial of her client, Quintez Cephus,a star player on the University of Wisconsin's football team. Mr. Cephus, an African American, was wrongly accused of second degree and third degree sexual assault. The jury took less than a half an hour to acquit him of all charges. His accusers were two white women and the prosecutor in the case, took the inexplicable tack of attempting to interject race into the trial proceedings, which failed disastrously.

The undoing of the prosecution's case was video which refuted the testimony of the prosecution's key witnesses and aligned with Mr. Cephus' account of events.

In a time of heightened sensitivity to injustices visited upon people of color, Mr. Cephus is a reminder that video evidence can save a life and that prosecution efforts to foment racial strife can and should backfire.

Mr. Cephus is now a member of the Detroit Lions football team. Good luck to him! 

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer