Kathleen Stilling Joins Everyday Law and Host Bob Clark to chat about her extraordinary criminal trial results

Everyday Law and host, Robert Clark, welcomed one of the nation's preeminent criminal lawyers Kathleen Stilling to chat about her career and issues of significance in the criminal courts. Kathy cut her teeth as a public defender in Milwaukee and subsequently worked as a civil trial lawyer trying personal injury cases, as a trial judge and presently as a private criminal defense lawyer.

Kathy just obtained an acquittal of one of the University of Wisconsin's star football players who was wrongfully accused of rape. The jury took 35 minutes to reach a verdict, which is an extraordinarily short time for a criminal defense verdict. Sadly the prosecution attempted to interject significant racial considerations into the case, which the jury sedulously rejected.

The jury was aided by extensive video evidence which refuted the accusers accounts of the evening and which were in harmony with the defendant's account of the evening.

The player was readmitted and immediately contributed two touchdowns to the Badgers opening victory. For more details give the podcast a listen at:


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