Through the years Messrs. Clark and Steinhorn have represented thousands of individuals and their families with respect to a wide variety of injury claims. Necessarily we cannot include all of their cases in this section. Instead we offer of a sampling of different kinds of cases we have successfully pursued. Understand that every case is unique and that past successes do not guarantee a similar result in future cases.
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  • Rear End crash settlement yields $300,000.00
  • Concussion in Car Crash Yields $100,000.00 Settlement
  • Baltimore City Motorcyclist injures Leg in Crash with Truck.
  • A motorcycle passenger collected $90,000.00 in settlement of her broken leg claim
  • A pedestrian in a crosswalk settled her broken arm case for $70,000.00
  • Car Crash Victim Collects $400,000.00 for Surgically Repaired Broken Arm
  • A victim of a truck crash received $125,000.00 in Settlement
  • The victim of a crash in Baltimore County Settled Her Case for $62,000.00
  • A car accident case where the victim suffered a concussion and damage to her occipital nerve resulted in a $245,000.00 settlement
  • Crash at Frederick intersection results in $412,000.00 settlement for passenger
  • Crash into gas pump yields $80,000.00 Settlement
  • Ride Sharing Passenger Nets $195,000.00 Settlement
  • Maryland car crash victim receives $250,00.00 settlement with neck surgery case.
  • A passenger in a ride-sharing vehicle received a $165,000.00 settlement for a non-surgical neck injury
  • Concussion Maryland Crash Case Yields $100,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement
  • Prince George's County crash yields $250,000.00 settlement for hip replacement surgery
  • Hit and Run D.C. Crosswalk Injury Yields a $60,000.00 Uninsured Motorist Settlement
  • Pedestrian hit and run yields $300,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement
  • $175,000.00 settlement for dog injury case
  • Charles County, Maryland crash yields $275,000.00 settlement