A Maryland lawyer explains a class action case involving students

Allan Steinhorn recently served as lead counsel on a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit in the United States District Court in Maryland. A group of about 25 medical students claimed that the private, for-profit college they attended, and had paid $30,000 for tuition, had defrauded them. They felt the school had encouraged them to apply in a time when they were unable to provide enough equipment, professors and doctors to train them. This school was the largest for-profit school in the United States and Allan faced a daunting task, trying to convince a jury that these students had been taken advantage of. After an investigation and much research, the school requested a settlement out of court. After several days of private mediation, the case settled for almost 7 million dollars. At the time, it was one of the highest recoveries per student in this type of litigation. More importantly, the school agreed to make changes so that no students would suffer in this way in the future. It was a very rewarding experience for our firm and an excellent outcome for the students.