How a Zero Offer Lawsuit Produced a $156,000.00 Verdict.

I was in a bad accident and it wasn't my fault. I had a concussion and needed medicine and treatment but the other driver's insurance company, State Farm, offered me nothing! They contended that I was at fault and that I wasn't really that hurt anyway.

We went through the whole lawsuit process with depositions, visits to the insurance company doctor and finally a trial in the Circuit Court for Prince Georges County. Still the offer was zero dollars. Mr. Clark did a lovely job trying the case before the jury. The jury went out to come to a verdict and several hours later they hadn't reached a verdict and were sent home for the night.

The next day State Farm offered $600.00 to settle my case. About that time, the jury asked for a calculator and we knew this would not be a $600.00 verdict. Fifteen minutes later they returned a verdict of $156,000.00, which we collected from the insurance company.

Dionne F.