Clark and Steinhorn Five Star Lawyers Maximized Our Settlement of a Highly Complex Truck Crash Law Suit!

I got a call from Maryland Shock Trauma telling me my husband was in an accident. A truck tire had landed on the roof of the work truck he was driving and he was pinned inside resulting in a compound fracture and temporary paralysis. Mr. Clark and Mr. Steinhorn were very responsive and knowledgeable regarding what do immediately after the accident occurred. If they had not had such a quick response, I do not believe we would have reached the settlement we did.
Clark and Steinhorn investigated this unusual case which involved a truck tire flying off the axle of a Baltimore Beltway pickup truck and when that driver's insurance coverage was insufficient, they worked with a team of engineering experts who determined that the state vehicle inspector had failed to properly reattach the wheel after their inspection.
When the insurance companies refused to pay, Bob Clark brought a federal court lawsuit and after the depositions and courtroom activities, forged an excellent settlement.
In addition, it was a workers compensation case which complicated things because we did not know where we should file because we live in PA and the accident happened in Maryland. Thankfully Mr. Clark and Mr. Steinhorn were so familiar with the justice system because we were able to get the case settled fairly quickly due to their knowledge of the courts and judicial process. They led us through the entire process and answered all our questions. We would highly recommend the services of Mr. Clark and Mr. Steinhorn.
Jamie and Mike in PA
Five Star Review
Jamie and Mike T