Kim Oldham on "Everyday Law".

Posted on Dec 04, 2017

Everyday Law has featured a bevy of eminent lawyers and judges in its roster of guests and Deputy Howard County States Attorney, Kim Oldham is the latest. Kim is a candidate for Howard County States Attorney in 2018 and she staked her claim to frontrunner with an impressive appearance.

Kim has spent 21 years working in the States Attorney's office and has a body of experience that would be difficult to surpass. From early years working on misdemeanors in District Court to the most serious felonies in Circuit Court, Kim has done it all.

What is most impressive is her commitment to making Howard County a safer place while simutaneously working to help victims of crime and their families attain some measure of closure. While Kim did not focus extensively on individual cases, she did display great empathy both for victims and in some cases the perpetrators.

The fact is that mental health issues and drug problems often are at the root of criminal activities and Kim emphasized the importance of getting treatment and support for those in the criminal justice system. She focused on the fact that many criminals are released pending trial and are immediately back in the environment that served as a factor in their crimes.

Her emphasis was on trying to ensure that those who populate the criminal justice system in Howard County don't find themselves back in court for new crimes upon release from incarceration. Avoiding the cycle of recidivism isn't easy and finding family and community support is vitally important.

The bottom line, Kim Oldham has served Howard County humanely and ably as a states attorney for 21 years and it would be hard to imagine a more qualified candidate to be Howard County States Attorney in 2018.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer