Clark and Steinhorn, LLC Personal Injury Superlawyers

Posted on Nov 17, 2018

While the Google reviews tell the story best, the recognition from our peers as Superlawyers is also appreciated. Clark and Steinhorn, LLC has been a mainstay of the Prince Georges County personal injury trial world for decades.

Robert Clark has helmed the Prince George's County Bar Association's Tort Law ( Personal injury and malpractice law) for 20 years and in doing so has imparted best trial practices to myriad lawyers and judges through the years.

Allan Steinhorn has handled numerus cases large and small to the vast satisfaction of a bevy of people and has provided his trial practice insights to many lawyer groups including the Prince George's County Bar Association.

If you need a personal injury lawyer you can count on contact Clark and Steinhorn, LLC at (301) 317-1001 or