Prove Who is at Fault in Maryland Intersection Crashes and Receive Fair Compensation for Your Injuries.

A frequent source of vehicle crash disputes involves intersectional collisions. Many such matters devolve into he said, she said sorts of things, which are much more apt to go to trial. While there are obvious sources of evidence that can resolve such disputes, there are also less apparent but useful means for winning such cases. Herein we shall discuss both.

The sources of evidence that can win such a case include nearby occupied vehicles, pedestrians, police personnel in the vicinity, witnesses in adjacent businesses or homes, red light cameras, speed cameras, 911 calls and security cameras in nearby businesses and homes.

Obviously, if the accident is of such a magnitude that police are called and reports of injuries are made, a more detailed investigation will be undertaken. Such an investigation often reveals the names, addresses and opinions of witnesses to the crash and this can be dispositive of any disputes regarding who is responsible.

There are however problems even with such police undertakings as often witnesses to the crash do not stay around to speak to the police. Thus, if you are in a crash and witnesses come forward who vindicate your side of the story and they are unwilling to stick around, take their name and number and a picture of them or their vehicle tag number or both. It's not quite the same as having the witness speak to the investigating officer at the scene but it is vastly better than saying " well there was this guy who said it wasn't my fault but he left".

Once you have their face or tag number at the scene of the crash it makes their later statements much more credible as they indisputably were at the crash scene.

Sometimes nearby witnesses are hesitant to speak to police investigators for reasons unrelated to the crash. Therefore, if you sense that someone saw the crash but is unwilling to speak to police, wait until the police have left and ask for their help.

If no helpful witness information is immediately forthcoming, consider where such undisclosed witnesses might reside. If the intersection is near private homes or businesses don't hesitate to ask if anyone saw anything and/or alternatively if security cameras might have captured relevant evidence. It is imperative that you don't delay because security footage is often disposed of recorded over and winning evidence may exist for a limited time.

Government operated red light or speed cameras are also potentially quite useful. Determining who maintains such footage can be a little tricky but any experienced personal injury attorney should be able to help.

The final refuge for prevailing in such cases can also be governmental in nature. Light sequences are strictly controlled and even if there is not footage of the culprit running the red light which causes your accident, there may be footage of either your vehicle or the other drivers (or both) at preceding lights or intersections and knowledge of the light sequencing coupled with distances and speed limits can result in a calculation regarding who likely ran the light and caused the crash.

Such a calculation may be imprecise but the burden of evidence required of you is more likely so than not so (preponderance of the evidence) and such a calculation may carry the day.


Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer