You know it's true, some bus companies and trucking companies are accidents waiting to kill or maim you. Is anyone trying to stop them?

We read about horrific fatal crashes in Prince Georges County and across the state of Maryland involving tractor trailers and other commercial trucks and buses.

Innocent people climb on buses for trips to Niagara Falls and other tourist destinations, trusting their comfort and safety to commercial bus companies and their drivers without really knowing much of anything about the bus companies' safety record, the health and sobriety of the bus driver and of course the condition of the vehicle itself.

Yes, there are safety inspectors but does anyone really believe that there are remotely a sufficient number to keep up with the thousands of buses in use? Of course there aren't but fortunately the United States Department of Transportation has attempted to get out in front of these problems to a greater degree in an effort to reduce bus and truck crashes.

USDOT has dramatically increased the issuance of "imminent hazard orders" to put unsafe bus and truck companies out of service. During the Bush years only fourteen such orders were issued while the present administration issued eight such orders in four months and fourteen overall. 

Too much regulation you say? How about the Michigan bus company that transported passengers in luggage compartments? 4,000 commercial bus companies operate in the U.S. and the only way to ensure their passenger's health and safety is to increase inspections and not just "scheduled" ones.

Safety inspections, comprehensive safety reviews and roadside motorcoach inspections have doubled under President Obama. The administration has sought an increase in safety related fines and has taken more than 400 unsafe buses off the roads.

 It would be nice to trust the bus and trucking companies but unfortunately unscrupulous owners and operators seek to reduce costs and endanger their patrons all too often.