Susan Francis of Md. Volunteer Lawyer Service Joins Bob Clark and Everyday Law

December was lawyers can be menschs month on Everyday Law with host, Bob Clark. If your yiddish is rusty a mensch is a good deed doer or a person of integrity and honor.

Such a person in the legal community often is involved in good works and few legal good works are greater than  helping members of the public deal with significant legal issues for free. This is so-called pro bono service or service for the public good.

Maryland features several prominent pro bono organizations and Bob Clark and  Everyday Law had the privilege of featuring the directors of both Maryland Volunteer Legal Service and Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland on recent shows.

Susan Francis is MVLS executive director and Sharon Goldsmith directs PBRCM and both outfits do tremendous good. Interested listeners can catch Susan at

Sharon is at

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer