Lawyers and Good Deeds Exemplified by Sharon Goldsmith on Everyday Law with Host, Bob Clark.

The Maryland State Bar Association pursues many noble projects calculated to help the public and few are more impactful than those associated with helping economically disadvantaged people receive free legal services. Such efforts spawned the Maryland Pro Bono Resource Center which has been under the tutelage of its long-time, estimable director, Sharon Goldsmith.

Sharon has been the director since M.P.B.R.C. came into being in 1990. Sharon was kind enough to join Howard County Community College's Everyday Law with host, Bob Clark.

Bob and Sharon focused on the many good works of Maryland lawyers both in association with the organization and of their own initiative. Sharon pointed out the many training opportunities afforded by the Pro Bono Resource Center which enables lawyers to gain experience in new or unfamiliar areas of the law.

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