Tractor Trailer and Car crashes are too prevalent

In our discussion of Maryland Traffic Fatalities,we examine emerging information about the prevalence of major car or commercial truck collisions resulting in wrongful death. The overall news is good both in Maryland and nationally as traffic deaths have declined. Unfortunately, this has not been true in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

The National Transportation Safety Board has a "wish-list" of its most coveted transportation safety improvements. They are largely common-sensical ideas and it is scary that some of them are not being carried out routinely.

The list seems obvious "improve the safety of motor carrier operations" or "prevent  medically unqualified drivers from operating commercial vehicles.

Yet, the National Transportation Safety Board in assigning grades to the implementation of these safety concepts is giving the public cause for alarm . The NTSB suggests that the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is providing an "acceptable response, progressing slowly" on the issue of improving "the safety of motor carrier operations".

On preventing "medically unqualified drivers from operating commercial vehicles" they earn an "unacceptable response."
These problems need to be addressed promptly and thoroughly.

The other suggestions include such things as safety belts or restraint devices on school buses and commercial motorcoaches to keep people in their seats, use of collision avoidance technology, retriction of cellphone  use by commercial truck drivers and bus operators, and the use of on board data collectors.
Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer