Get what you are legally entitled to from your Maryland car or truck crash claim.

At Clark and Steinhorn, LLC in Laurel, Maryland, we help provide legal services to many victims of Maryland car and truck crashes. Often we hear about prior car accident claims that our clients have been involved in with other law firms and a recurrent theme is "gosh I wish you had been my lawyer in that case."

Sometimes this sentiment stems from the chronic complaint that we hear about other lawyers, that they won't return their client's phone calls, texts or e-mails. Other times we hear about failure to maximize what the client puts in their pocket by failing to avail their clients of PIP and Medpay benefits or by failing to appreciate the extent of their client's injuries.

The inevitable question how does a person injured in a crash maximize the compensation they receive? The first short answer is hire us. We take a limited number of cases so we can communicate with our clients regularly and meet with them in person where necessary. Allan and I have run this business this way forever and we are not about to change.

At a client's initial meeting they always meet with Allan Steinhorn or Robert Clark, the principals in Clark and Steinhorn, LLC. We in turn take time to analyze all facets of a given case, recognizing that PIP, Medpay and workers compensation benefits may come into play over and above the basics of making a claim against the other driver's insurance company.

We actively seek out additional insurance coverage such as underinsured/uninsured motorist benefits. We also take a time-honored approach of making sure that the case isn't hurried into settlement prematurely. We often hear of cases being settled by other law firms before the victim has completed all of the medical treatment they require.

Once a case is settled, the release of claims is executed and money changes hands that is it. Many crash victims have suggested to us that they wish they had waited longer to resolve their cases as they later needed additional treatment and had no way to pay for it.

So, call us, order our book and read it and you will be along way towards maximizing your settlement.



Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer