Everyday Law and Bob Clark Welcome Peter Franchot to talk about his gubernatorial aspirations.

After two terms of Governor Hogan's Republican leadership, 2022 presents an opportunity for fresh leadership and Maryland's Comptroller, Peter Franchot has thrown his hat in the ring.

The office of Comptroller is subject to statewide election and Mr. Franchot pulled one of Maryland's great political upsets with his 2006 win over William Donald Schaefer. For those too young to recall, he was a two time Maryland Governor and as formidable a candidate as one could care to face.

In 2006 Comptroller Franchot campaigned as the adult in the room in an inflammatory Democratic primary and ended Schaefer's fifty year political career.

Peter Franchot has remained a steadying force in Maryland politics particularly in assisting the citizenry in dealing with covid related economc miseries.

He has also served as a decisive vote on the three person Board of Pubic Works. Maryland has a unique system mandated by the Maryland Constitution which oversees large public expenditures including prospective improvements such as the Purple Line, The Cabin John Bridge and the 495 and 270 expansions.

Comptroller Franchot has had a long and storied political career, serving in  the legislature for twenty years and having been reelected statewide as Comptroller on two occasions. His breadth of experience could be invaluable. 

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer