Laurel, Maryland Orthopedist, Dr. Timothy Frazier Joins Host, Bob Clark and Everyday Law.

Everyday Law and host, Bob Clark were pleased to be joined by Dr. Timothy Frazier of Laurel, Maryland's Premier Orthopedics. 

Bob and Dr. Frazier chatted about a number of topics including the basics of what the pratice of orthopedic surgery involves. Dr. Frazier grew up in Baltimore and was shaped by his father's ambitions for him and his brother starting his medical career as a 14 year old janitor at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

He attended Poly High and Hampton University where he started on the football team for three years. He had various other stints at Hopkins and became profoundly influenced by briefly working with Dr. Ben Carson.

He attended the Universiy of Virgina and served in the United States Navy and is a member of the American Academy of Orthpedics surgeons.

His military work for the marines including nine months in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

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