Bob Clark and Everyday Law welcome Justice Michele Hotten

Robert Clark and Everyday Law had the privilege of speaking with Justice Michele Hotten of the Supreme Court of Maryland. Justice Hotten has been a recurrent guest on the program and as always provided interesting insights into contemporary Maryland legal issues.

Among the topics discussed were the transformation of  the title of  Maryland's highest court from the Court of Appeals of Maryland to the Supreme Court of Maryland. This change was the subject of a statewide ballot measure.

Justice Hotten is often informative on the thinking behind her opinions and Bob alluded to several dissents she has authored including that in a case involving the death of a pet by police shooting. Justice Hotten authored an impassioned dissent recognizing that Marylanders place tremendous value in their pets and that the loss of a pet's life is worth far more than the $7,500.00 mandated by the Pet Damages Cap.

That decision obviated a $1.26 million dollar damages award.

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