Appellate Court of Maryland Judge Andrea Leahy Joins Bob Clark and Everyday Law

Bob Clark and Everyday Law welcomed Appellate Court of Maryland Judge, Andrea Leahy to the program. Judge Leahy has served in a host of legal capacities prior to joining the court, including as chief counsel to then Governor Parris Glendening and as an assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland.

Judge Leahy discussed at length the process of evaluating cases being argued before her and the collaborative nature of her work. She indicated that the bench enjoyed a great quantum of camaraderie and that this made her work quite enjoyable.

Bob asked his traditional question asked of all appellate judges, of whether Andrea felt oral argument had served to sway her opinion and she indicated that it had.

Judge Leahy has been instrumental in serving as a mentor to many lawyers and has enjoyed then benefits of having worked with her own mentors including two-time Everyday Law guest Lynne Battaglia.

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Robert V. Clark
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