Everyday Law welcomes Preeminent Criminal Defense Lawyer, Jerry Buting to chat with host, Bob Clark about the problems in the criminal justice system

Bob Clark and Everyday Law are pleased to welcome back renowned criminal defense lawyer, Jerry Buting to the program. For those of you who have been living under a rock, Jerry gained international attention as counsel for Steven Avery in Netflix Making a Murderer.

Jerry and his wife, Kathy Stilling, also made a recent appearance on CBS 48 hours regarding the unusual case of Todd Kendhammer.

These and other topics are examined in the first of two episodes. The second episode is more generally focused on criminal justice reform with a specific discussion of efforts made by Jerry and Dean Strang to pursue fairness in the use of forensic evidence in criminal cases.

Jerry and Dean founded the Center for Integrity in Forensic Sciences in 2017 and it has focused on courtroom misuse of many sorts of forensic evidence.

For more go to: https://cifsjustice.org/about-cifs/history/

Robert V. Clark
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