Everyday Law and Bob Clark Welcome Jane Santoni and Chelsea Ortega to Discuss Tenant's Rights in Maryland Courts.

In the run up to the Maryland State Bar Association's June Legal Summit, Everyday Law has featured presenters for the 2022 Ocean City event. Jane Santoni and Chelsea Ortega made a recent appearance to discuss the work of their law firm, Santoni, Vocci and Ortega in the field of tenant's rights.

Tenants often find themselves in difficult circumstances living in premises that are unclean or dangerous and yet lack the funds to hire lawyers. This is where so-called fee shifting statutes level the playing field. In such cases abusive or underperforming landlords can be made to pay for the aggrieved tenants attorneys fees.

A variety of tenant and consumer protective laws exist both at the state and federal level, which Jane and Chelsea wield on behalf of their clients.

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Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer