What Maryland Car and Truck Crash Insurance do you need to protect your family. Allan Steinhorn tells all.

When you have handled as many serious injury accident cases as Allan Steinhorn has you know what would best protect the victims. Unfortunately, many times it is too late for the victims to acquire what would be necessary.

That was the theme of Everyday Law last week when Host, Bob Clark interrogated Mr. Steinhorn on every phase of this question. Allan pointed out that drivers tend to focus on either saving money and thus getting insufficient coverage or alternately, getting good coverage for liability ( Covers you when you are at fault) but not so good on some other extremely important coverages.

These include PIP coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. PIP provides a limited amount of no-fault insurance for use to defray medical expenses and make up for lost wages. Allan pointed out that increasingly he sees accidents where his client has no PIP and consequently their settlement is reduced by payment of medical bills. Don't be caught without PIP.

While Allan discoursed on many other insurance topics, he focused on uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Don't miss it because it is important!  https://everydaylaw.podbean.com/e/allan-steinhorn/

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer