Maryland Car and Truck Crash Injury Cases Will be Affected by coronavirus problems. Here's how to try and work around it.

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Coronavirus is having some positive effects on car and truck cases, in that there are far fewer crashes happening and fewer people getting injured. For those unfortunate enough to have been involved in an injurious crash during the pandemic and shutdown, significant and unique problems abound.

First and most obviously victims of auto accidents are very hesitant to go to the hospital afterwards for fear of contracting covid 19. Which is to say that many people are foregoing medically necessary treatment. Second, those who have gone to the hospital or to a doctor are finding that follow up care is unavailable as many physical therapists offices are closed.

Additionally folks who were hurt before the shutdown are also unable to get the continuing care they need in order to return to pre-accident fitness.

Finally, many crash victims have had their employment pulled out from under them while recuperating. Readers of this website know that auto liability insurance companies will salivate at the excuse that crash victims shouldn't claim wages despite their crash injuries, because even if they weren't injured their employment would have been unavailable due to disease related shutdown.

So what are some constructive suggestions for how to get well, document the extent of your injuries and attempt to preserve your lost wage claim?

First, if you are severely hurt you need to see a doctor and if the hospital scares you consider urgent care centers such as Patient First. These centers are not out front in the coronavirus battle and can often perform many of the same services as a hospital.

Second, existing hospitals are working assiduously to separate non covid patients from covid patients. Don't go to the emergency department first.

Third, many orthopedic doctors aren't seeing patients in person but will do internet and phone consultations to help prescribe medications, exercises and to document what injuries crash victims suffered. Similarly, neurologists ( concussions) and other specialties will  provide advice and prescriptions with former patients.

For those injured before the crash you can contact your treating doctors and therapists by phone or e-mail to document your continuing accident related problems.

Finally for lost wages you can apply for unemployment or if you are not fit to pursue jobs, obtain documentation from your treating healthcare providers that but for your crash injuries you would have been fit to pursue jobs and maitnatin your eligibility for unemployemnt benefits.


Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer