How to Listen to Bob Clark and Everyday Law

While it seems hard to believe, the popular legal podcast, Everyday Law, is now five years old.

The show is hosted by Laurel, Maryland's, Bob Clark and emanates from Dragon Digital Radio at Howard County Community College in Columbia, Maryland.

The guests rum the gamut from judges on Maryland's highest court, the Court of Appeals to local and state political figues such as Calvin Ball, Allan Kittleman, Katie Fry Hester, Brian Frosh, Rich Gibson and Pete Franchot.

Also featured are prominent criminal defense lawyers from " true crime' shows such as Making A Muderer and The Case Against Adnan Syed.

This leads to a frequent question," How to I get Everyday Law?" The answer is easy. Go to your favorite source for podcasts and put in Everyday Law or Google it. Yes it's on Apple Podcasts, and Podbean and many other places.

So if you are bored download an episode and give it a try