Get the latest information on car and truck crash safety!

At Clark and Steinhorn we rely on lots of car and truck crash safety data provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The question is where do they derive their information on auto and truck crash safety from?

The short answer is from a host of different sources including federal systems such as FARS, NASS and NMVCCS.
For those who don't recall FARS is the fatality accident reporting system, NASS the national accident sampling system and NMVCCS is the national motor vehicle crash causation survey.

We have discussed FARS at length previously and will be discussing NASS and NMVCCS this week.

NHTSA also relies on data compiled by individual states in the so-called CODES and NEMSIS programs. CODES has been discussed here previously while NEMSIS is new to this website.

NEMSIS is data provided by nationwide emergency medical services.

As one can imagine combining these many sources provides a broad range of information.

This latest series will examine what the different sources of data reveal and how their conflicts are reconciled.