Looking for a medical malpractice lawyer in Laurel, Maryland? Call Clark and Steinhorn, LLc.

There are many ways to find the right lawyer for your medical malpractice case and an equal number of ways to end up with the wrong one Yellow pages, TV, radio the internet, they all will get you someone but who really knows what they are doing and will be responsive to your needs?

It is a tricky question. There are an overwhelming number of lawyers and law firms that advertise that they do medical negligence cases but how many of them do such cases effectively? The answer is not very many. Many firms advertise for cases that they have no intention of keeping. They sign you up and ship you out to another firm that really knows how to do the cases, keeping a piece of the legal fee without doing the actual work.

Unfortunately, such firms don't advertise "we don't do this kind of work but will send your case to someone who does". How can a consumer know to whom they should go. The most obvious suggestion is to call more than one firm and talk to more than one lawyer about their experience in working on and trying medical malpractice cases in Maryland. If they sound shaky on that point then they probably aren't the best choice.

It is worth the time investment to meet with lawyers to have them tell you about their level of experience in medical and hospital malpractice cases face-to-face. It is much harder to exaggerate or lie in person and it is important that you, the client have a strong comfort and confidence level with your medical malpractice lawyer because such cases can be a long haul.

Clark and Steinhorn, LLC consists of two veteran lawyers, Robert Clark and Allan Steinhorn, Former college roomates at the University of Maryland College Park, Allan and Bob have worked on and successfully tried medical negligence cases for a combined 65 years. Clark and Steinhorn is located in Laurel, Maryland and when you are seeking attorneys in Prince George's County, Maryland you would be hard-pressed to find more experienced and responsive ones.

Mr. Clark tried his first Maryland medical malpractice case in 1982 and has contnued to aggressively and sucessfully pursue such cases to the present. Mr, Steinhorn has been pursuing such cases for 30 years. Their combined knowledge and skills are difficult to surpass.

If you feel you need a trial lawyer to pursue a medical malpractice case call Clark and Steinhorn, LLc at (301) 317-1001.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer