Everyday Law with Host, Bob Clark Returns Next Week with Guest, Allan Steinhorn.

Everyday Law with Host, Bob Clark, of  Laurel, Maryland's Clark and Steinhorn, LLC, returns next week after an extensive covid virus hiatus.

The show is broadcast from the studios of Dragon Digital Radio at Howard County Community College in Columbia, Maryland. Sadly the studios will not be the locus of the remaining broadcasts in 2020 and perhaps early 2021 as coronavirus concerns reign supreme.

Producer, Cris Oviedo will be back at the helm thus assuring a quality product. The ceremonial first autumnal guest will be Mr. Clark's college roomate, long-time friend and law partner, Allan Steinhorn to discuss the many legal developments of the last seven months.

The programs this fall will undoubtedly feature the usual mix of judges, lawyers, doctors and other professionals with inevitable discussion of covid's impact on the guests professional and personal lives.

The next two shows will focus on the role of Whistleblowers with appearances by Tim Whitehouse and Kevin Bell of Public Employess for Environmental Responsibility.

PEER, founded in 1996, is a stalwart protector of the environment with a long history of significant legal actions to ensure responsible governmental environmental activities. Given the contemporary political and legal climate, these shows should be enlightening.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer