Everyday Law with host, Bob Clark, is proud to have released its 100th episode.

Back when Everyday Law was in its nascent stage, it seemed inconceivable that the program would last more than a few shows. Now 100 episodes later, with a guest list consisting of a who's who of Maryland judges and attorneys, the program has attracted a loyal following and has transcended the bounds of being a purely local phenomenon.

Host, Bob Clark has featured a mix of  appearances from nationally prominent criminal defense attorneys such as Marc Bookman, Justin Brown, Kathleen Stilling and Jerry Buting, with a melange of Maryland judges drawn from both the appellate and trial courts.

Local Howard County, Maryland political figures such as present and past County Executives Calvin Ball and Allan Kittelman and State's Attorney, Rich Gibson have kept the focus on the program's local roots as it is broadcast from Howard County Community College's studios in Columbia, Maryland.

As the show has progressed so has the roster of regular guests. Local attorneys such as Ron Schwartz, Allan Steinhorn, Phil Zuber, CeeCee Paizs, Jeff Ray and David Harak have helped provide a regular backdrop to discussion of legal topics of immediate interest.

The subjects discussed have expanded to include such esoteric legal topics as non-fungible tokens, artificial intelligence as evidence, ex post facto laws and myriad other cutting edge legal issues.

Future topics will include the enormous problems associated with prosecutorial misuse of forensic evidence, the difficulty of reintegrating wrongfully convicted individuals into society, the abolition of the death penalty and the difficulties associated with picking a jury.

Covid has changed the broadcasting/podcasting world but Everyday Law lives on. Thanks for listening! Next episode Judge Kathryn Graeff of the Appellate Court of Maryland.