Analysis of Maryland Car Accident, Truck Crash and Motorcycle Wreck Fatalities

Often in our day-to-day lives it seems the world becomes more dangerous every day. Every where we turn, television, radio, the internet and newspapers reinforce this with reports of the grim carnage on our roadways. Yet a thorough and knowledgeable look at the statistics can provide us some encouragement. This article will begin a multi-part report  with an eye toward informing the public on the reality of trends in traffic fatalities in Maryland.

Clark and Steinhorn have represented numerous families in traffic death cases and recognize the need for compassionate yet aggressive representation in such cases. If you or someone close to you has lost a loved one in a crash or other incident please contact us.

Traffic Fatalities are decreasing in Maryland both in sheer number and on a per capita basis. In 2004 six hundred forty three (643) traffic fatalities occurred in Maryland and while there was a spike to six hundred fifty two (652) in 2006; 2007 saw a drop to six hundred fourteen (614)  and five hundred ninety one (591) in 2008.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration ( reports a national record low in traffic fatalities, mirroring Maryland. Both Maryland and the country overall have seen a drop in deaths both in terms of total number and in the two frequently used statistical analyses; deaths per capita and deaths per one hundred million miles driven. Those last two measures have particular resonance in looking at Maryland fatalities on a county by county basis.