Allan Steinhorn, Personal Injury Attorney Extraordinaire. It's the personal touch that makes the difference.

Allan Steinhorn has gained an extraordinary reputation among DC area trial lawyers for his prowess in personal injury and malpratice cases. Since 1985 he has earnestly plugged away on behalf of a multitude of different victims of assorted car and truck crashes, medical mistakes and a wide variety of other injurious incidents.

He has obtained many large settlements and verdicts and yet what sets him apart is his dedication to client communication and understanding. Allan spends literally hours on the phone every day addressing the worries and concerns of his clients from the most mundane to the most important. His patience is legendary in the offices of Clark and Steinhorn, LLC.

Many attorneys are too busy to speak to clients even occasionally but Allan feels that his duty is to ensure his clients receive the maximum compensation attainable and also understand why.

Allan is a frequent guest on Everyday Law broadcast by Dragon Digital Radio at Howard County Community College and his appearances are always breathlessly informative. From personal injury and malpratice law to election and constitutional law his knowlege is vast and he is happy to share it.

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