Allan Steinhorn Offers Sage Advice on What To Do After A Car Accident

In the latest episode of Everyday Law, Allan Steinhorn joined Host, Bob Clark to discuss what to if you are in a car accident. This topic is near and dear to Allan's heart both from his multi-year professional calling as a plaintiffs personal injury lawyer and due to his personal experience of being involved in a quite significant crash some years ago.

The show starts with a discussion of the immediate aftermath of a crash, where the involved parties are collecting themselves and analyzing what has happened. Manifestly, ensuring that the participants aren't seriously injured is the first priority followed by securing the crash scene to reduce or eliminate the possibility of further collisions

Notifying the police and garnering the identification and insurance information for other participants is a priority as is getting the identities and cell numbers of any helpful witnesses. Pictures from the scene can also be quite helpful.

Allan then turned the discussion to the numerous insurance issues that pervade such cases as well as the desirability of injured car crash victims receiving prompt medical evaluation.

The interview is chock full of  useful information and worth a listen to any car accident victim. Go to :

Robert V. Clark
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