Adnan Syed lawyer C. Justin Brown Joins Host, Robert Clark on Everyday Law

C. Justin Brown is best known presently as the attorney for Adnan Syed of "Serial" fame. However, he has had previous fame as a war correspondent in Kosovo in the late 1990s. He joined Bob Clark on Everyday Law to chat about both phases of his career.

Justin risked life and limb traveling around areas of the former Yugoslavia as it disintegrated into chaos and civil war. The situation on the ground was fluid and Justin would chase the areas of conflict in order to provide accurate reporting of the death and destruction wrought in Kosovo and elsewhere.

He endured a 78 day bombing campaign in Belgrade at the hands of NATO, an ironic fate to have his homeland putting him in peril. After that his enthusiasm for war reporting understandably waned and the death of a close colleague in Sierra Leone propelled him into law school and a new life.

Mr. Brown's appearance spans two episodes of Everyday Law and the second soon to be released second episode principally concerns Mr. Syed's quest for a new trial and freedom. Mr. Brown provided some heretofore under reported information about his reaction to Adnan's participation in "Serial" as well as the HBO "The Case Against Adnan Syed."

He also discusses the family's reticence about the worldwide press attendant to the extraordinarily successful podcast and HBO series and the unforeseen benefits of having millions of listeners and viewers focused on the case against Mr. Syed  .

Robert V. Clark
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