Why are truck and tractor trailer cases different than ordinary car accidents?

The most obvious difference is the severity of such collisions owing to the fact that trucks weigh vastly more than cars.  When a sixty thousand pound truck strikes a three thousand pound car the injuries almost invariably are quite severe.  Also, the regulations and obligations that are ascribed to trucks and tractor trailers are much greater because of the potential for catastrophic injury.  If you have been involved in a truck or tractor trailer accident it is important to contact a lawyer with expertise in such matters such as the Law Offices of Clark & Steinhorn. 

The truck driver who caused my injuries was from West Virginia and he was driving a truck owned by another company in Ohio, how do I figure out where to make my claim?

In handling such cases we have learned that there are often complex relationships between the owners of the truck, the operators of the truck and the company for whom the truck was being operated.  We are skilled at tracking down these relationships and determining what jurisdiction or court to bring the case in, in order to ensure that you receive the maximum recovery available.