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  • Who can I make a claim against if I am injured while riding on public transportation?

    Generally speaking, if you are riding an Amtrak train the claim should be made against Amtrak, if you are riding a Metro or MARC train against Metro or MARC, and if you are riding a Metro bus against Metro.  Each of these entities is owned or operated by governmental authorities, and the rules for making claims against them are quite specific and consequently the need for an attorney experienced in making such claims is important.  Please contact Clark & Steinhorn if you have such a claim.

  • I was riding a Metro bus which stopped suddenly because a car turned into its path, do I make a claim against Metro, or against the other driver?

    These claims require detailed investigation in order to determine how best to pursue your claim.  Even if it appears that the conduct of the bus driver was appropriate from your observation, it may well be that their violation of Metro rules and regulations or ordinary rules of the road would permit you to make a successful claim against Metro.  Such cases require a timely and thoughtful analysis in order to be pursued properly.

  • I was contacted by an adjuster from Metro/Amtrak/MARC and they said they would take care of everything, why should I get a lawyer?

    As in all such injury cases, the insurance companies and transit companies try and get out ahead of claims in order to minimize the amount that they pay for such claims.  Unless you have experience pursuing these claims, it is very difficult to accurately understand what fair compensation should be.  Further, there are often deadlines and notification requirements for claims against governmental and quasi-governmental entities.  Failure to make appropriate notification of the right entity can take away your ability to make any claim.  It is important to contact an attorney who is experienced in such matters to ensure that all proper notifications are made.

  • I do not know why the Amtrak train derailed, how could I possibly make a claim?

    Train derailments while infrequent cause many injuries.  As a consequence, detailed investigations are performed of such things by the appropriate governmental authorities.  Accessing this information and participating in the investigation can be a valuable tool in assisting your attorney in developing your claim.