Maryland Personal injury Claim Values may be affected by the post-covid 19 world.

covid worldThe value of any given personal injury case is not a fixed, formulaic thing. The jurisdiction where the case will be brought, the parties to the litigation and many other variables, come into play is somewhat unpredictable ways.

Yes, you would be better off bringing a significant truck or car accident case in Prince George's County, Maryland rather than say Kent County, Maryland.

But world and national events are thought to have significant impacts as well. For example in the aftermath of 9/11 jurors were thought to be awarding less compensation as the injuries generally fought over in day to day cases, seemed less significant when viewed against the backdrop of that tragedy.

In a similar vein, the coronavirus pandemic will cause tremendous damage to our society in sickness, fatalities and economic privation. The thought is that a persistent back injury from a car crash may not seem nearly so catastrophic when viewed after the carnage of coronavirus.

Secondarily, courts are closed and this may reduce any impetus for insurance companies to make reasonable offers.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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