Five thoughts on identifying hit and run drivers in DMV crashes

car wreckIf it seems like hit and run crashes are on the rise in the DMV, that is both because they are and because they are getting more media attention.

At Clark and Steinhorn, LLC we experience first-hand the ever-changing roadway dynamics through the cases which come in. Recently we have resolved several significant cases involving hit and run drivers and consequently have five suggestions for finding avenues to locate the at-fault drivers.

1). Independent witnesses. You may just have been injured by a crash but passersby often have valuable observations about the all aspects of the collision sometimes on cell phone video. It is why calling 911 is often helpful as the police can garner important information from folks who saw the crash.

2). Red light and intersectional cameras. They aren't just for tickets and often can provide tag numbers and vehicle desciptions.

3) Nearby merchant security footage. Sometimes you have to act fast to ensure its preservation.  ( that is when its handy to have a competent attorney on board)

4). Police body-cam footage. There is a lot of it and sometimes they are on the scene quickly and/or are filming other events and also catch your crash.

5). Parking lot video. Many lots feature this and many crashes occur in parking lots including ones when you aren't present. A recent video at the MGM National Harbor helped our client prevail in a he said she said case and obtain fair compensation for his personal injuires.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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