How to obtain liability insurance limits in Maryland auto accident and personal injury cases without filing a lawsuit.

review letter If you are a Maryland auto accident crash victim it can be useful to know just how much liability insurance the at-fault driver has. Insurance companies are never in a big hurry to disclose this information so how do you get it?

The answer is so-called "pre-litigation discovery". The Maryland Code Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article sec. 10-1103 provides the mechanism.

A claimant must provide in writing to the insurer the following information:

1). Date of accident

2). The name and last known address of at-fault party

3). A copy of any accident,  police or other official report if available

4). The insurer's claim number if known

5).A letter from an attorney admitted to practice in Maryland that states that the attorney has made reasonable efforts to investigate the underlying facts of the claim and that the attorney reasonably believes it is not frivolous in nature.

Pretty simple although it obviously contemplates having legal representation.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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