These are the top five reasons insurance companies give for lowball car accident settlement offers.

baseball lowball low ballIf you follow this blog at all, you know we feel car accident settlement offers from insurers are routinely absurdly low. Our tolerance for this is finite and thus we have a very little interest in the reasoning behind these offers but the present liability insurer practice is to advance reasons justifying these offers.

I often want to get a large stick and strike the adjuster through the phone lines but despite this inclination, I have absorbed the adjuster-speak and can offer the Top Five Reasons for Lowball Car Accident Settlement Offers.

1)." This is a minimal impact case."  Which is to say it doesn't matter how hurt your client is all that matters are the pictures of the vehicles.

2). " Our insured denies responsibility". Translated that means that the facts and witnesses don't matter, their insured is worried his or her rates will go up.

3). " The medical charges are too high."  It isn't like the victims in car and truck accidents can ask the ambulance driver to take them to the low cost hospital. In fact unlike virtually every other consumer product, doctors and hospitals have no price engagement with their customers.

4). " Your client overtreated". Which is to say the algorithims used by that particular insurance company have decided the extent of the treatment needed not the treating doctor.

5). " Your client had a prior similar injury." Sometimes this contemplates your providing records predating the accident before the insurance company will consider including your present treatment records and bills in their calculation of your present settlement.

There are more but you get the idea. Get a lawyer and spare yourself this bologna.


Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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