Everyday Law Leaps into the mysterious realm of NFTs and Blockchain with Professor David Allan

Confused about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs? So are we. That is why Everyday Law invited Professor David Allan of Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia to the program.


Dave has a long radio and communications background and  has served as Chair of the Department of Marketing at St. Joes in two separate stints. His lengthy list of publications focus extensively on music and sound in advertising.

His interest in NFTs arose in 2021 and his most recent publication, "NFTs and Music: Kings of Leon" combine his longtime interests with a new more confounding  realm, that of NFTs, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

While much ground was covered in the show, one of the most amazing stories concerns David's efforts to interview the most famous NFT artist, Beeple. For those who don't follow NFTs, Beeple sold one of his works of digital art for $69,000,000.00 ( That's right sixty nine million dollars!)

Dave pursued an interview with Beeple with the zeal of some mythical detective and ultimately landed his quarry for an informal discussion.

We will track that down for you. In the meantime we will put Professor Allan's show up on the website later this week.

Robert V. Clark
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