Stupid Motorists are the Number One Cause of Personal Injury Car and Truck Accidents. So why aren't there Stupid Motorist Laws Everywhere?

stupid driverDriver stupidity is sadly commonplace and the number one cause of personal injury car and truck accidents It comes in many forms and guises, drunk driving, driving while high, driving too fast for weather or traffic conditions, the list goes on and on.

It serves to undermine safe drivers and their defensive driving efforts and yet as far as the author of this article knows, only one state has a Stupid Motorist law and that is Arizona.

Sadly, the Arizona law is inapplicable to all of the above behavior unless it takes place in a flooded area and involves going through barricades. The law is meant to impose the cost of high water rescues on drivers who foolishly go around barricades erected to keep vehicles from flooded roadways. The law  is modeled in part on so-called foolish or stupid hiker laws.

Much driver negligence or stupidity is covered by auto liablity insurance with the only real cost to the at-fault driver being the risk of increases in their insurance premiums. The Arizona law permits auto liablity insurers to exclude coverage for the flooding driving stupidity which means that the costs of such driving are imposed where they belong, on the stupid motorist.

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