Injured in a Laurel, Maryland crash when a driver runs a red light? Here is how to document who was at fault

red light stoplightLaurel, Maryland is a heavily trafficked town with lots of traffic lights. Unfortunately, this often results in serious injuries to drivers who are in no way at fault. So how does the victim of such a crash show that they weren't at fault and that someone else absolutely was?

The answer, courtesy of the Laurel, Maryland Police Department, is through red-light safety cameras provided by Verra Mobility. The cameras record vehicles and their drivers and are activated when a vehicle enters an intersection on a red signal. Then a series of images are captured including the vehicle immediately before it goes through the intersection, the driver, a close up of the tag, the offending vehicle six seconds after it runs the red light and the date, time and location.

As one can imagine this proves quite handy in identifying who had the red light and who had the green, It also appeals to jurors who like CSI like evidence at trial.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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