Car and truck crash victims should go to the hospital from the scene by ambulance for their own safety and that of others.

Periodically at Clark and Steinhorn, LLC we are asked by clients in car and truck accident cases whether it was wise to go to the hospital from the scene of the crash by ambulance or drive yourself. Our answer is generally it depends but the fact is that it is far for safer you and others on the road if you take an ambulance.

There are a variety of considerations but if the collision is of the magnitude where police cars and ambulances are showing up, it usually means that serious damage has been done to the vehicles and their occupants, whether the victims know it or not. Crashes can be very disorienting and in the aftermath when the adrenaline is flowing many people do not appreciate the magnitude of their injuries, particularly where concussive symptoms are involved.

Ambulances do cost money but they provide a vitally important service in evaluating trauma victims at eth scene of the crash and in insuring that they are transported safely to the nearest hospital or medical facility.

If you have been knocked silly in a crash it is dangerous to drive. If your car has been significantly damaged it may be dangerous to operate. Also, many  car accident victims just want to go home and try and heal on their own and never make it to the doctor which prolongs evaluation of their underlying condition and assessment of what an appropriate care program might be.

Finally, the at fault driver's insurance company will take your claim more seriously which may lead to a larger settlement. So do the smart thing and take the ambulance it will pay off iwth improved healthcare outcomes and larger compensation.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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