Everyday Law Records 50th Episode with Host Robert Clark.

It seems like only yesterday that Howard County Community College asked me to host a law-related show from the friendly confines of the Horowitz Center in Columbia, Maryland. With help of Cris Oviedo, Matt Truedel and Brendan, Jason and Ryan, we have cranked out a diverse array of largely legally focused programming on a regular basis.

The guests have featured a number of local politicians and would be politicians, including the past two Howard County Executives, Allan Kittleman, and Calvin Ball, Howard County States Attorney, Rich Gibson and State Senator, Katie Fry Hester.

Members of the judiciary have weighed in including Judge Jeffrey Paul Russell, Judge ShaRon Kelsey and Judge Lynne Battaglia.

Lawyers have been  the predominant guests, with Ceci Paizs, Ron Schwartz, Jeff Ray, Allan Steinhorn and David Harak making multiple appearances and various other leading lawyers popping by to share their expertise.

In the tech world Tami Howie and Peter Coddington discoursed about entrepreneurship and the future of the area technology industry.

Topics have ranged from net neutrality to drunk driving to Title lX with stop offs at ride sharing, for profit colleges, medical malpractice and many other topics. We've featured prosecutors, public defenders, mediators and lawyers of every species.

Happily the show has even earned awards of which we are duly proud.

 The common denominator has been the genial willingness of so many guests to take time away from their busy schedules and to contribute to the HCC community and Everyday Law.

Many Thanks and here is to the 100th Episode some day!

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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