More Maryland Car and truck crash fatalities. Why and what can be done?

fatal car crashThe numbers both locally and nationally are undeniable. Fatal car and truck crashes are up.  Deadly Maryland vehicle accidents confound regional transportation experts and solutions elude Maryland governmental types.

So why are there more such deadly collisons?

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration uses empirical data to postulate that the covid era has seen an increase in speeding and non-use of seatbelts yielding more fatal crashes. Perhaps covid has made drivers more fatalistic about day to day life?

The proposed solutions include a National Roadway Safety Strategy focusing on increased crosswalk and intersectional safety beacons and enhancements, bicycle lanes, wider road edge lines, speed safety cameras, longitudinal lane safety strips and variable speed limits.

Obviously any effort that can cause drivers to slow down, drive sober and wear safety belts will be vital.

Robert V. Clark
Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
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